As we all know, dating play a pivotal role in the social. And as a girl in the pursuit of a sugar daddy meeting, if you want to always maintain their charm, dating skill are absolutely compulsory homework!

The first type of dating skill:

If the sugar daddy take the initiative to invite you to go out dinner, may be appropriate to a few minutes to ten minutes late to the time, so that the ambiguous distance to the boy sense, you can stimulate his moral, you will naturally getting better and better.

chat to the content of the main boys, can not arbitrarily interrupt each other’s conversation, which make the boys find it difficult to close, heart back italy. Remember,  stretched live their own, must not enraptured, dancing.

In the cafe or restaurant and other relatively quiet, there are emotional place, the charm of the  eyes is enormous. With clear and learn eyes staring at him until he found your line of sight. When he is looking at you, you can shift you gaze.

The second type of dating shill:

Dress and dress reflects a women’s taste, even if you do not brand-name clothes and bags does not matter, remember, clean is the first element.

If you want to fo fresh air, do not play too thick foundation, lipstick to choose light color. Of course, if you can hold the wild sexy wind, flaming lips will help you completely fascinated by the boy’s fans.

Dressing is best to show a small figure, such as the most female characteristics  of the package hip skirt, pleated skirt, the curve will undoubtedly show, greatly improve your lethality. If your body some shortcoming, you can use tights or stovepipe stockings temporarily plastic, but these thing will cause some damage to the body, not a long time to wear.

In modern society , the image is also crucial point. Both sugar baby and sugar daddy, conversation behavior and shape is your first impression, also determines the success of a date. if you sisters can master these dating skills, I believe that barley down in the shirt of the boys will certainly be more and more.